Luxury, fashion and decoration items that unite the knowledge of ancestral peoples with humanized and disruptive design.

 AMV – Aldonante Metian Valoron, which in Esperanto means “Adding Artisanal Value”, was born out of CBKK’s desire to bring the dazzling beauty and fascinating stories of Brazilian flora and fauna to the most sophisticated in fashion, decoration, jewelry and well-being, based on a humane and environmentally responsible approach, which benefits producing communities and enables the economy of socio-biodiversity.

From high jewelery to the homeware line, the company offers pieces to ornament, wear and decorate, respecting and valuing the knowledge of ancestral peoples, the richness of our biomes and the originality of our design, in a true exaltation of Brazilian know-how.

AMV is the exaltation of the richness of our culture and the ancestral knowledge of traditional peoples in rescuing and valuing Brazilian know-how.


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