Biostimulants for crop growth and productivity.

PBMPB is the acronym for Pli Bona Mondo Per Biostimulo, which in Esperanto means “A Better World Through Biostimulant”. Originating from the Super P Project, conceived by inventors with extensive experience in the segment, the company is the result of the dream of making plant-based soil conditioners available, which are allies of crop productivity and quality, without presenting any risks to the environment. environment.

PBMPB biostimulants improve the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil and act in the synthesis of essential nutrients for plants. Made from waste from the food industry, PBMPB products are aligned with the concepts of the circular economy and the cyclical essence of Nature, respecting the principles of responsibility, circularity and sustainability that characterize the EKOSFERA way of being.

From soil to soil, PBMPB biostimulants are residues that become inputs for life.


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