Make sure and get inspired with EKOSFERA

In the EKOSFERA experience, you have access to information about the journey of the product to your hands, through a modern blockchain traceability system, combined with careful storytelling, which attests to the positive socio-environmental impact of their purchases. Thus, you also discover the fascinating stories of the producing communities, connecting with the People and Nature of Brazil.

What is a traceable product

Have you ever wondered how what you consume is made? Through innovative digital technology, it is possible to know the steps that your EKOSFERA product takes along the production chain, from the forest or the ocean to you. Informed decision-making encourages conscious consumption.


By knowing information about your EKOSFERA product, you can follow the benefits it brings to traditional communities, such as indigenous peoples, women's organizations, riverside people, quilombolas and family farmers, and verify that it really protects Brazilian biomes.

We have a responsibility to Nature and the People that our businesses impact. Traceability is one of the tools we use to monitor our production and verify that it is in line with the highest socio-environmental performance standards.
Traceability allows us to implement a concept that we take seriously, radical transparency, making it possible for everyone who has a relationship with the product to have access to information about it. After all, we are proud to show the world the EKOSPHERE way of being.
At EKOSFERA, you connect with Brazilian socio-biodiversity, knowing and recognizing our natural riches and the knowledge of traditional communities through stories that need to be told. Tracing the origin is also rescuing our roots.
In the era of climate emergency, disruptive technologies are key. By making information about our production chains available in the public blockchain database, we advance the technological frontier to inspire conscious consumption.

How to track your product and what you learn by doing it!

Technology is your ally in traceability.
Let's see the example of a Chocolates De Mendes by EKOSFERA.

What is a traceable product

1. Open your cell phone's camera app and point, for about 3 seconds, at the QR Code you received with your product.*

*If your cell phone cannot read the QR Code, you can download a free QR Code reader app from your app store, such as Google Play or App Store

2. Click on the link that appears on your mobile screen.

3. First you will meet the chocolatier responsible for the unique flavor of your bar.

4. Then, you will see the geographical coordinates of the cocoa/cupuaçu that gave rise to your product and which community carried out the collection and pre-processing steps.

5. The next step in traceability shows the arrival of the almonds at the factory, with the respective date, time, geographic coordinates and blockchain record.

6. You can also find out when and where your De Mendes product was actually produced.

7. Finally, know the packaging information of your product batch

8. Once you've gone through all the steps, enter your name and email address to redeem a personalized prize!

What is blockchain technology and why is it relevant 

Blockchain is a system that records transactions of some types of information – digital assets – by its users using the internet. It is like a ledger that can be accessed by all network participants. The word blockchain can be translated into Portuguese as “chain of blocks”. Each transaction is recorded as a “block” of data, capable of containing any necessary information. This block is securely connected to a chain of blocks, through encryption, and gains a permanent record on the network, a code made up of letters and numbers. 

This large database is decentralized, that is, it is not under the control of any entity. What gives security and credibility to blockchain technology is the fact that your information is stored on several servers connected to each other and scattered around the world, which validate and approve transactions quickly and autonomously, through consensus mechanisms. These records are immutable, meaning no network participant can change or tamper with a transaction once it is added to the shared ledger.