Business development for a regenerative marine economy that empowers People and Planet.

The oceans are the true lungs of the Planet. After all, it is from its salty waters that more than 50% come from the oxygen we breathe, more specifically from the photosynthesis of the plants, algae and cyanobacteria that live there.

However, we are living in an era of climate emergency and excessive exploitation of marine resources, which puts the ocean and its ecosystem services under unprecedented pressure.

Ocean Farming is EKOSFERA's contribution to a future with healthy oceans and strong coastal communities.

It all starts with the development of macroalgae businesses and projects, including native and exotic species, in areas where these are allowed. Algae are very rich in properties such as carrageenan and agar-agar, which are useful for the food (human and animal) and cosmetics industries, as well as potential uses as bioplastics and biofertilizers.

But ocean agriculture, or mariculture, is not just about algae. Its regenerative power comes precisely from its ability to mimic the diversity of reefs, cultivating a mix of plant and animal species that work together to build resilience and revive the marine ecosystem.

It's like an Agroforestry System at sea.

Source: https://www.greenwave.org
Ocean Farming also includes the concept of fishing less: by combining aquaculture with sustainable fishing, it is possible to diversify the sources of income for the producing communities, reducing the burden on fish stocks.

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